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Oct 27, 2013 5:00pm PDT
it all mean for the labor movement? with the national roll-out of obama care hobbling along, what can we expect from california's new health care exchange? the state's top campaign finance watchdog heads to the federal election commission in washington. >> we have been able to achieve consensus, and i'm hoping that we're going to be able to do the same at the s.e.c. >>> good evening. welcome to "wqed newsroom." the top political watchdog scored a major win this week and california's fptc announced $1 million fine in a case of campaign money laundering. the settlement is against two nonprofits until last year's election. >> the nonprofit and the donors to them thought to exploit loopholes in california disclosure laws. >> the contributions were intended to help defeat governor brown's proposition 30 to raise taxes and pass the anti-labor measure proposition 32. they went to court before the november election pushing the group to disclose the true source of the contribution. she's now headed to washington d.c. to serve as president obama's appointee on the federal election commission. befo
Nov 2, 2013 12:30am PDT
together, obama care, the affordable care act. we see huge problems with the health care portals people are going to for the health care exchanges, not so much the ones run by california but nationally run. what do you make of that, they are totally unprepared, the government is not going fast enough to new technology instead of building it on this thing we invented in san francisco called the cloud. they didn't ask you. >> they didn't ask us or anyone associated with the cloud to help them and building these old systems not scaling and got themself into a pickle on that one. >> last question i want to ask you about your grandmother who is 100. tell me about her and what influence she had on you. >> my grand hmother had a phenomenal impact on me. she's 100 so your research is good. when i was growing up and first getting involved in business and in computers, she was really by my side the whole way. i was working at this jewelry shop and polishing the cases and she came to me and said you know what? you make enough money and we'll buy that $500 computer and i'll match you. you make 250
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)